Heat & Light Kits

Make use of your Aztec large umbrella system all year round

Alfresco living with Aztec Heated Umbrellas – Comfort all year round

Infrared Umbrella Heating Kits
Our Aztec’s are available with reliable and robust heaters which come in white, black or silver as standard, however we can have these coated to a different colour if required.

Heaters are available in either 1.0 or 1.5kw options per heater. The number of heaters required is determined by the size of your umbrella. The heaters can be controlled either by a switch inside the building, or via a push for heat button on the umbrella itself.

All heaters are fitted as standard onto fold down arms, although we can also offer alternative fixings.

LED Parasol Lighting Kit
Lighting is available in cool or warm white as standard but also available in other colours if required. The lighting is fitted onto the umbrella arms and offers an attractive light spread beneath the umbrella.

You can either hardwire your lights with a switch inside the building or you can use our remote control kit.

We can also supply bespoke or alternative lighting options, therefore please contact us for more information.

Umbrella Heat & Light Extras
We also offer additional accessories for your heat and light kit:

Push For Heat Button: This gives you the option to operate the heaters from the actual umbrella rather than a switch inside the building or wall.

Timer Delay Switch: This is normally attached to the push for heat button, allowing you to choose the length of time your heaters stay on for.

Auto Cut Off: This is a safety feature which cuts the power to the heaters once the umbrella starts to close. This is fitted as standard.

Key Switch: Occasionally there will be times, particularly in commercial environments where staff will need to switch heaters on via a removable key to ensure customers cannot operate them at certain times.

Lighting Remote Control: We also offer an option to operate your lights via a hand held remote rather than a static switch inside the building.

Our in-house team can also accommodate any other accessories you may require.

Installation of your electrical supply
We are happy to discuss your project with you and offer advice where needed. We can supply fitting instructions to assist you with this aspect of the project, alternatively we are also happy to recommend one of our accredited installation teams to undertake works for you.