Aztec Umbrella Accessories

Make the most of your outside alfresco space

Create the perfect alfresco space with Aztec Umbrellas

Umbrella Side Curtains
Our parasol systems are also available with our very own custom manufactured side curtains. These curtains fix to the top of the umbrella arms (when in the open position) and hang down to be attached to the floor by either secure fixings or weights. This turns your umbrella into a marquee type structure.

Curtains are available with or without clear view windows. We can manufacture the windows in a range of sizes depending on your requirements. Roll Up Doors are required in order to gain access in and out of the umbrella outdoor ‘room’ and can be zipped or Velcro. We can also supply these in any colour option.

Umbrella Guttering
Our umbrella systems are also available with our custom manufactured umbrella guttering systems. These gutters fix to the top of the umbrella arms (when in the open position) and hang between two or more umbrellas.

Guttering can help create a larger covered area. As well as being able to hang between umbrellas, they can also hang between host structures such as fences and buildings.

We recommend having umbrellas with valances when using guttering.

Parasol Branding
Any of our umbrellas can be branded with your own choice of image, text or even a picture. We can print on the valances, the main section or both.

By adding bespoke branding to your umbrella helps increase awareness of your business, brand and products.

The size of the print will depend on what you would like to be printed. Our helpful sales team can advise you on this as well as offer you layout plans so that you can get an idea of what your umbrella will look like once finished. Generally we will require EPS artwork, high resolution PDF and font choices.

Please let us know if you would like to receive additional information on our printing.

Additional Parasol Accessories
There are many other accessories which we can assist you with your large garden parasols:

  • Outdoor Speakers
  • External Soft Seating
  • Wooden Bench Seating
  • Planters (to cover portable bases)

If you have any ideas you would like to discuss please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

The perfect accessory to accompany your garden or terrace furniture!